Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks to the generous blessings of our Lord, A WORD for Women is growing! With growth comes a demand for more volunteers. God’s call for us to use the talents of our big family in Christ is an amazing blessing to draw from, and there’s so much talent out there just looking for a place to help!


Our friends of AW4W are diverse—Christians and those seeking “something”, so it’s important for us to produce content that is Bible-based and Christ-centered while telling our stories of the constant need for our Savior, and what His Word says about any given situation so we can lead joyful lives today is our promise to you.


In that light, we are looking for volunteers to help at our studios at Salty Earth Pictures; as well as writers for A WORD for Women for video devotion scripts, written devotions, and prayers.


The Lord expects us to maintain high standards in what we produce. To accomplish that, our team is faithful in worship and bible study attendance. Our immersion in God’s visible Church is vital to formally and publicly convey to people the Gospel truths of living the way of His Son, Christ Jesus.


We thank Pastor Edward Schuppe, a veteran minister of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church​, who volunteers as our spiritual adviser. His services are invaluable in helping us review challenging scripture and guiding us to help women who contact us directly.


If you are interested in volunteering your writing skills for A WORD for Women, please contact us and we will be in touch with the particulars.


If you are in the Fort Atkinson, WI area, consider volunteering at Salty Earth studios. Your help will be a valuable asset in their efforts to bring high-quality and much-needed Christian motion picture and multi-media productions to the world.


God bless your considerations!

A WORD for Women

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