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July 22, 2021
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Focus, Focus, Focus by Janet Gehlhar

    Oh the frustration of knowing Satan’s lies are gaining ground . . . again. Every. Single. Day. I’m tired of fighting sin and evil. I’m tired of the constant spiritual battle. The good I want to do I don’t do and the evil I don’t want to do I keep on doing.

   And then I see the other side . . . the Time of Grace devotions that have been speaking to my heart, the Bible readings where God is reminding me that He is in charge, praying fervently and dumping all of my cares, concerns, and anger into God’s hands for Him to handle . . . and I am struck with awe AGAIN with the fact that God is always with me, will use everything for my eternal good, and He alone has the strength to get me through.

   “Seek the Lord and his strength. Seek his presence continually.” I Chronicles 16:11 EHV

   I’m concentrating on that passage today. Focus. Focus. Focus. I so need to keep my focus on Jesus. His Strength – not mine will get me through the sadness/disappointments in life. I’m asking God to put side blinders on me so when Satan is shaking his colorful pom poms of lies, I won’t be distracted. Pray unceasingly . . . yes, remembering . . . God is in charge. God is with me. God has a plan. God will work on things for my eternal good. God is holding me close.

   Today my focus is on Jesus.


Photo by Elisabeth Wales on Unsplash

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