A WORD for Women

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January 17, 2020

A WORD for Women
A WORD in Video for January
Original video devotions with host, Karen Spiegelberg
Busy! Busy! Busy!
Even though we have just started the New Year, is your schedule already filling up?
Join Karen Spiegelberg to talk about keeping your priorities straight.​​
A WORD for Women

A WORD for the Week

Original weekly devotions written by women for women.

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Many people imagine God as He has every right to be seen—too large for the likes of us mere mortals. Perhaps this is because if we were a god, we’d act too big to bother with any one below our divine station. Our sinful pride wouldn’t have it any other way. But wait! Don’t we already act like this? Our world tells us to not shrink down to size. Don’t live a humble, subservient life. Don’t even think that way. That is how to become a success, a Somebody.


Then along comes our too-big-for-His-britches Lord to mess up that temporal pursuit of happiness.


Your...(read entire devotional here.)

A WORD for Women

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A WORD for Women

Everyone is basically good.

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