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May 12, 2022
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Easter Never Ends by Kathy Schreiner


               As I write this it is several weeks after Easter.  The decorations are packed away and the Easter lily is almost done blooming.  Time to move on right?

                Well, I received a beautiful blooming plant (kalanchoe) with pink, white and yellow flowers from my neighbors.  It is the season of Spring in a pot.  There was also a balloon that said "Happy Easter."  I was thinking it was time to ditch the balloon when it struck me that I could use a reminder of Easter and the joy it brings to me as a Christian. 

                I have pleasant memories of the Easter celebration as a child; up before the sun so we could attend sunrise service as a family.  My two sisters and I dressed in pretty little dresses; white patent leather shoes, fancy hats with the tortuous elastic string, white gloves and a little purse to carry our offering.  We were not a wealthy family.  We only purchased new dresses twice a year, Christmas and Easter.  The gloves, shoes and hats were from rummage sales, yet we felt so special. 

                The church was full of Easter lilies.  The choir sang and someone played a trumpet.  The hymns were all so happy, even to a little girl.  When the service was finished it was on to the Easter breakfast prepared by the men's club. 

                We attended church every week, still the Easter service was special as it should be.

Now that I am older (really old) I so appreciate what it all means.  Getting up before the sun rose, to prepare for a great occasion.  Dressing up, like a bride to meet her groom. The adults greeting each other with "He is risen" and the reply "He is risen indeed."  All with smiles and love in their hearts for Jesus and each other. The food following, almost like a wedding banquet.  The church bride and her groom, Jesus. Nourishment for body after receiving the more important nourishment for our souls. 

And what wonderful nourishment!  The best news we could ever receive.  Jesus is risen! 

                I don't know about you, but I could really use this reminder daily.  Jesus, the Holy Son of God, died on a cross for me (and you) to pay for my sins (and yours) then rose from the dead so we could live with Him forever in heaven, clothed in His righteousness. 

                My favorite Easter hymn says it so well: 

I know that my redeemer lives.

What comfort this sweet sentence gives

He lives He lives who once was dead

He lives my ever-living head. 


Happy Easter indeed!


Photo by Clemson.edu

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