A WORD for Women

A WORD for the Day

May 22, 2020

A WORD for Women
A WORD in Video for May
Original video devotions with host, Karen Spiegelberg
Confirmed in Christ!
What does your Christian profession of faith mean for your life?
Join host Karen Spiegelberg and her daughter, Talia, as they share insights on how recalling our profession
or confirmation of faith can renew and recharge us
and how we can encourage the next generation of young women in their faith!
A WORD for Women

A WORD for the Week

Original weekly devotions written by women for women.

050920 OCEAN.jpg

When the ocean is calm, we let our toddlers play along the shore.  They sit in the sand and let the gentle waves wash over their little feet and legs.  We watch them and smile as they learn to love the ocean. Children and adults tease the waves by running towards them and away before the waves can catch them.  Few would argue that the sound of the gentle waves isn’t calming.  It can even lull us into peaceful sleep. 


When the ocean is calm it is only hiding its power.  The ocean is still the most powerful natural force on earth.  A tsunami can appear and wipe out a city in seconds--yet it is the very same ocean...(click here to continue reading.)

A WORD for Women

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A WORD for Women

Everyone is basically good.

I try to live a good life.

I am spiritual, not religious.

We're all going to the same place.

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