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A WORD for Women

A WORD for the Day

September 23, 2020

A WORD for Women

A WORD for the Week

Original weekly devotions written by women for women.

Prayers for Pastors by Julie Luetke

["Pastor Appreciation Day" is October 11, 2020. In preparation for this day of appreciation for God’s faithful shepherds, we offer this devotion of prayer and thanksgiving.]


I have asked a number of my pastor friends what they want people to pray on their behalf. The answers varied. Oft repeated were wisdom, guidance, understanding, and for church members to be patient. All of these requests circle around love.  Love from the pastors to their members, love from members for the pastor and each other, and love to those who do not yet know Jesus.


Pastors expressed...(continue reading.)

A WORD for Women

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A WORD for Women

Everyone is basically good.

I try to live a good life.

I am spiritual, not religious.

We're all going to the same place.

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