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A WORD in Video Devotions

In late 2009, Karen Spiegelberg and Beth Zambo, both of Salty Earth Pictures (SEP), teamed up to produce Bible-based video devotions (webisodes) at the studios of SEP in Fort Atkinson, WI, for their newly formed women’s ministry, A WORD for Women. God blessed their hard work with these webisodes called, "A WORD in Video."


Grab your favorite beverage, and relax to spend a little time with Karen and her guests as they bring you encouragement in your God-given roles in life through the priceless gift of God’s Word. Through King David’s Psalm 23, the Holy Spirit promises to “lead us beside quiet waters” to refresh our souls—THIS is one of His spiritual breathers!

List of all archived video devotions. Click on a title to watch the video:


1. An Attitude of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches in the United States, do you have an attitude of gratitude? Join host Karen Spiegelberg to hear her perspective on being thankful!

2. Women Mentoring Women

Join Karen Spiegelberg as she shares insights into the importance of women mentoring women.

3. Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

A positive attitude can be one of the best medicines for our outlook on life. Join host Karen Spiegelberg for an upbeat message on how you, with the help of God, can improve yours!

4. Gossip...Who Me?

Come closer, I've got to tell you something. No closer...

Did you hear Karen Spiegelberg talk about gossip in this episode?

Join Karen as she discusses this important subject.

Oh, by the way, tell anyone you want!

5. What is Your Personal Ministry?

Join host Karen Spiegelberg as the topic of "Personal Ministry" is explored. Ministry opportunities can be found in the little things, the big things, and even in goose...well, watch and see!

6. Mission to the Children

Karen Spiegelberg talks with her guest, Karen Kilchenmann, about Mission to the Children Mexico, and how you can make it a special Christmas for a child.

7. Confirmed in Christ!

What does your Christian profession of faith mean for your life? Join host Karen Spiegelberg and her daughter, Talia as they share insights on how recalling our profession or confirmation of faith can renew and recharge us and how we can encourage the next generation of young women in their faith!

8. Having Peace in Your Life

What does the word "peace" mean in your life? Do you sometimes want to tear your hair out because you wish you had more of it? Join host Karen Spiegelberg as God's concept of peace is defined and find ways to incorporate it into your life to calm the stormy waters.

9. How can a Christian Choose a Good Movie?

Have you seen any good movies lately? For the Christian, that seems like it is harder and harder to do, Join Karen Spiegelberg as she explores making good choices when it comes to entertainment.

10. The Flying Grandmas

Join Karen Spiegelberg and her guest Judy Eisenmann to learn about Flying Grandmas. P.S. You don't need to be a grandma to fly for the Lord!

11. Cancer. The dreaded "C" word.

No doubt it will affect us or someone close to us at some time in our life. How, as Christian women, can we find the strength to deal with it? Join host Karen Spiegelberg with special guest and cancer warrior, Sue Eick for an inspiring interview!

12. Busy! Busy! Busy!

Even though we have just started the New Year, is your schedule already filling up? Join Karen Spiegelberg to talk about keeping your priorities straight.​​

13. Christmas or Chaos-mas?

Join Karen Spiegelberg as she explores the "true" meaning of Christmas! With or without the stress, Christmas will come and it will be perfect! Watch and learn how you can have a "Mary" Christmas.

14. Don't Worry, be the Lord!

Is worrying a habit that consumes you? Do you have a hard time distinguishing between worry (a lack of trust in God) and concern (an element associated with our free will and choices). Discover freedom from worry and strength in God's word and his plan in this episode.

15. Drop that Stone.

Join Karen Spiegelberg as she tackles the tough issue of how, as Christians, we look at and react to very public “yuck” type sins. Are those sins worse than others? What does the Bible say? How do we forgive and move on?


16. Wrapped in the Love of the Comforter with Su Hanson.

Join Karen Spiegelberg as she sits down with Su Hanson of Comforter Ministry—a mission of comfort and compassion, reaching out to women with cancer with God's Word and the love of the Comforter through journals and quilts.

17. Out of the Pit?

Join Karen Spiegelberg for this month's webisode, adapted from a devotion written by Julie Luetke.

18. Planting the Seeds

As spring is approaching and we think of planting seeds and new life, we take a look at the seeds of faith God has planted in our hearts and how we may share that with others! Watch this episode for one of our devotion writers, Tracy Hankwitz as guest host.

19. Are We Imitators of Christ?

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. But, who is it that we should really strive to be more like?


20. Spread the Joy!

On this episode of "A Word for Women" Karen Spiegelberg talks about a unique way to share the "true" joy of Christmas. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Now, that's a present worth sharing!


21. Halloween:  What's a Christian to Do?

On this episode of "A Word for Women" Karen Spiegelberg discusses Halloween and the Christian's participation.


22. Rejoice in the Lord...always?

No matter what life brings do you remember to rejoice in the Lord? Join Karen Spiegelberg on this episode of A Word for Women as she reminds us to rejoice!


23. Your Piece in God's Plan

Do you ever wonder where you and your gifts fit into God's overall plan? Join host Karen Spiegelberg as God's Word answers that question and reveals to us what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ.

A WORD for Women
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