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6 mission

6. Mission to the Children: Karen Spiegelberg talks with her guest, Karen Kilchenmann, about Mission to the Children Mexico, and how you can make it a special Christmas for a child.

7. Confirmed in Christ!: What does your Christian profession of faith mean for your life? Join host Karen Spiegelberg and her daughter, Talia as they share insights on how recalling our profession or confirmation of faith can renew and recharge us and how we can encourage the next generation of young women in their faith!

7 confirmed
8 peace

8. Having Peace in Your Life: What does the word "peace" mean in your life? Do you sometimes want to tear your hair out because you wish you had more of it? Join host Karen Spiegelberg as God's concept of peace is defined and find ways to incorporate it into your life to calm the stormy waters.

9. How can a Christian Choose a Good Movie?: Have you seen any good movies lately? For the Christian, that seems like it is harder and harder to do, Join Karen Spiegelberg as she explores making good choices when it comes to entertainment.

9 movie

10. The Flying Grandmas: Join Karen Spiegelberg and her guest Judy Eisenmann to learn about Flying Grandmas. P.S. You don't need to be a grandma to fly for the Lord!

10 grandma
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