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A job well done, what is it worth? by Kathy Schreiner

     I confess, I have little patience with people who do not do their jobs.  Why is there such apathy when it comes to a job well done? Poor job performance has a snowball effect.

     I am dealing with physical issues that cause me a great deal of pain and stress so sought medical treatment.  It took seeing three different surgeons to get to the bottom of fixing the source of pain. The first doctor was dismissive and uninterested. Loved ones prompted me to get a second opinion. I sought a second surgeon who turned out to be patient and knowledgeable, but referred me to his associate who was more skilled at the surgery I would need. This doctor took time to patiently explain things, and answer my questions. He gave me a goal and offered to help—a date for surgery was scheduled right away. What a difference when someone does their job!

     Now my job was to show up for pre-op appointments and continue to work on getting in shape for surgery; namely to stay on course losing some weight. 

     After I had my blood drawn, I received a call from my doctor's office saying the lab didn’t run the requested tests.  I had to go again. It is not easy to draw my blood.  I often tell the lab techs that a butterfly needle is always needed to get to my veins.  What I know is a helpful suggestion is often taken as me telling them how to do their job. That ends up with them pushing around the needle in the veins of both arms until they finally (mercifully!) use the method I suggested. It’s a painful, uncooperative, and unnecessary way to get the job done. 

     These failures to do the job got me to thinking.  What if Jesus had not done His job of saving us?  Or, what if He had only done it part way?  What if there was something we needed to do to ensure our salvation?

     Thank God, literally, that Jesus did His job.  Jesus did everything that needed to be done perfectly.  He ensured our salvation so we never need to have any doubt about it. 

     In John 19:30 Jesus said on the cross, "It is finished."  His work for our salvation was complete.  Thank you, Jesus, for a job well done!

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