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1 gratitude

1. An Attitude of Gratitude:  As Thanksgiving approaches in the United States, do you have an attitude of gratitude? Join host Karen Spiegelberg to hear her perspective on being thankful!

2. Women Mentoring WomenJoin Karen Spiegelberg as she shares insights into the importance of women mentoring women.

2 mentor women
3 positive

3. Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?A positive attitude can be one of the best medicines for our outlook on life. Join host Karen Spiegelberg for an upbeat message on how you, with the help of God, can improve yours!

4. Gossip...Who Me?: Come closer, I've got to tell you something. No closer...Did you hear Karen Spiegelberg talk about gossip in this episode? Join Karen as she discusses this important subject. Oh, by the way, tell anyone you want!

4 gossip

5. What is Your Personal Ministry?: Join host Karen Spiegelberg as the topic of "Personal Ministry" is explored. Ministry opportunities can be found in the little things, the big things, and even in goose...well, watch and see!

5 ministry
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