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11 cancer

11. Cancer. The dreaded "C" word.  No doubt it will affect us or someone close to us at some time in our life. How, as Christian women, can we find the strength to deal with it? Join host Karen Spiegelberg with special guest and cancer warrior, Sue Eick for an inspiring interview!

12. Busy! Busy! Busy!  Even though we have just started the New Year, is your schedule already filling up? Join Karen Spiegelberg to talk about keeping your priorities straight.​​

12 busy

13. Christmas or Chaos-mas?  Join Karen Spiegelberg as she explores the "true" meaning of Christmas! With or without the stress, Christmas will come and it will be perfect! Watch and learn how you can have a "Mary" Christmas.

13 christmas

14. Don't Worry, be the Lord!  Is worrying a habit that consumes you? Do you have a hard time distinguishing between worry (a lack of trust in God) and concern (an element associated with our free will and choices). Discover freedom from worry and strength in God's word and his plan in this episode.

14 worry
15 stone

15. Drop that Stone.  Join Karen Spiegelberg as she tackles the tough issue of how, as Christians, we look at and react to very public “yuck” type sins. Are those sins worse than others? What does the Bible say? How do we forgive and move on?

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