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A WORD in Video | Archives 4

16 comforter

16. Wrapped in the Love of the Comforter with Su Hanson.  Join Karen Spiegelberg as she sits down with Su Hanson of Comforter Ministry—a mission of comfort and compassion, reaching out to women with cancer with God's Word and the love of the Comforter through journals and quilts.

17. Out of the Pits/How do you get out of the Muck?  Join Karen Spiegelberg for this month's webisode, adapted from a devotion written by Julie Luetke.

17 muck

18. Plant the Seeds & God will Grow It:  As spring is approaching and we think of planting seeds and new life, we take a look at the seeds of faith God has planted in our hearts and how we may share that with others! Watch this episode for one of our devotion writers, Tracy Hankwitz as guest host.

18 seed
19 imitators

19. Are We Imitators of Christ?   They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. But, who is it that we should really strive to be more like?

20. Spread the Joy!   On this episode of "A WORD for Women" Karen Spiegelberg talks about a unique way to share the "true" joy of Christmas. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Now, that's a present worth sharing!

20 joy
A WORD for Women
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