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A PRAYER for the Week | Archives 1

1. Grace by Karen Maio

Jesus, forgive us when our pride starts boasting of our lack of sinful DEEDS (no murder, theft, adultery here) or WORDS (no lies, gossip from me) because there we go again with our sinful THOUGHTS! Pride and perhaps hatred, envy, or lust or contemplating cheating on our taxes or judging others' motives quickly spring to mind. Help us get control over our sinful thoughts which are wrong in and of themselves, before they turn into sinful words and deeds!  Protect us by filling our minds with true, noble, admirable, and pure thoughts. Keep us in your Word, the most excellent thoughts of all! Amen

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A WORD for Women
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2. Perseverance by Christine Wentzel

Dearest Comforter of my spirit and Builder of my faith, forgive me for I am tired and exhausted under this trial. There are days I feel I cannot take one step further and lean to the temptation to keep my head down sensing effort gone to waste. Then I hear You calling me to look up and see my holy King willfully and faithfully dragging the cross of my shame to the final battle with evil personified and death. In love with me He perseveres and endures to the Victory that is now mine. Blessed Spirit, Son of God, thank you for reminding me that You went first so I can go second. Wipe my sweaty brow with the cool, living water of Your Word. Help me press on and honor You in my time of testing so others might see You present right here, right now. In Your most Holy Name let it be so! Amen.

3. Surrender by Diana Kerr

Dear Lord,

I lay myself and my flaws at your feet today and confess that I often journey through my days trying to build my own kingdom instead of yours. I worry about what people think of ME more than about what they think of YOU, and I worry about what I can GET more than about what I can GIVE. Turn my inwardly-focused mind around and focus my eyes on you. Focus my eyes on you and on your will, Lord God, not just in my quiet moments with you in prayer or in your Word, but throughout the entire course of my day's routine. Lord, I crave to have a heaven-focus all day long, but I so often fail to live that out. Shield me from the attacks of the Enemy and the distractions of my days and help me stand firmly focused on you today. And then again tomorrow. And the day after that, too. I place my days in your hands and pray for your presence in each moment. Amen.

A WORD for Women

4. Purpose by Diana Kerr

God, today I want to live into my purpose for you. I want to glorify you and praise you and exalt you. I want to think of you and call on you and live for you all throughout my day. And I will. I pray that you help me with this because I know we can do this together, God. On my own, I cannot conquer frustration and inadequacy and insecurity and doubt. With you, I can conquer all those things in a moment, and conquer them easily. When I think of you in light of the things I get down about, they are so trite, Lord! God, light a fire in me. Make me crazy about you and for you. Make me adore you in a way that turns my life upside down and makes me do bold, risky things for you. I’m all in Lord. I’m in. Just take me and mold me and use me--I’m yours. Let’s do this day--together. Amen.

A WORD for Women

5. Protection by Christine Wentzel

Dear Victorious Lamb of God, I woke up to this new day of grace and went about my tasks without putting on the armor You freely gave to me for spiritual protection and strength. It wasn’t long before I was assaulted and driven low by the trials and temptations of this world. Forgive me, Lord, for I am so quick to make sure my morning routines are checked off that I rarely give it much thought until the fight is on. It is absolutely the most valuable wardrobe ever given to me. You fashioned it to be as light and comfortable as a linen robe, as beautiful as the purest virgin snow—who isn’t dying to strap it on immediately and so many don’t even know it! Holy Spirit, do what it takes to get my priorities straight and remember to put this holy suit on right away so I can stand firm in this very far side of heaven. Amen.

A WORD for Women

6. Self-Esteem by Christine Wentzel

Dear Word of Life, I caved in today to the wisdom of the world by raising myself above all including You. I became caught up in the lie about working hard and doing good to earn Your favor. I fell to the thinking that if my wallet is fat enough, if my waistline is skinny enough, if my face is smooth enough then I am worth enough in other people’s eyes. Thankfully You raise my eyes to see the rugged cross of Your sacrifice and the empty grave of your Glory and I fall to my knees by the weight of my shameful haughtiness. Lord, I want to stay a fool in love with You only. I’d rather be wrong by the Light of Your Word than be right by the shadow of man’s. May I never fail to seek and follow Your wisdom above all others. Let it be so by Your favor! Amen.

A WORD for Women

7. The Gift of Life by Christine Wentzel

Dear Giver of Life, we come to you in thankfulness for allowing us to see the work You are doing on behalf of the millions of babies you intended to be born but because of willful sin they are intentionally aborted. We beseech You to keep pulling back the curtain of Denial to reveal the horrific reality of the act itself. We, as a society, need to stop hiding our heads in the sand. In Your mercy, give us the words of love to talk to women we know who are contemplating ending their gift of a baby and to those who are suffering the pain of regret. Help us show them that there's a Creator who grants women the gift of life and the gift of providing for that life. Help us show them what forgiveness looks like.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

A WORD for Women

8. Strength by Christine Wentzel

Dear God of Justice and Mercy, I want to thank you for sending Your Son to free me from my mortal state of being. Thank you for all the effort it took for You to turn Your back on Your Son as He hung from the cross carrying out my death sentence. Forgive me for the times I struggle to believe You remove my guilt forever for what I am really saying is that Christ’s work wasn’t enough because my sin was too great. How weak am I! I feel like the father of the boy who Jesus healed from an evil spirit. I too cry out, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” Lord Jesus, I believe Your Holy Spirit is strengthening me right now. Amen.

A WORD for Women
A WORD for Women

9. Wisdom by Christine Wentzel

Dear Wisdom of the Ages, oh how I long to sit in the coolness of Your shade and ask you a billion questions about this so-called life. As I search Your Word for the answers I seek, I learn more and more how much I do not know. Your infinite and perfect thoughts are so far from my limited, disjointed ones. But I have learned in Your Word that You love to gift Your wisdom, and that You will provide this understanding for every circumstance. Open my heart to really listen to Your instruction—especially when I feel it rubbing into a sore on my conscience. That’s when I know You are probing a point of learning for me! Thank you my Word of Life! Amen.

A WORD for Women

10. Revelation by Christine Wentzel

Dear Word of Life, What would I do without your holy word? It reveals who you are and why you are. It shows me who I am in you and why you want me in you. It gives me a holy purpose to make a difference in this life and be a part of the life to come. Holy Spirit, make it my highest priority to start each day with even one moment in your pages. That one moment of reading has the power to direct my steps for the day. It has the power to make the one moment one minute then five on to ten. Before I know it, you word has the power to create in me a joyful hunger to read of your love, encouragement and direction each and every day. In Jesus my Savior I pray let it be so. Amen.


11. Healing by Christine Wentzel

Dear Holy Physician, There are so many examples in your word of the mighty healing you graced on your people. I read them, believe them and know you continue to perform them. Forgive me for those times I demand a physical healing on myself without resting in your perfect decision and timing. The most important healing I ever received and will ever receive is when you purposely allowed yourself to die in my place by a most painful, humiliating and courageous act of love. That redeeming love is all I need to be whole in your name. No matter the here and now, limit my suffering and give it a holy purpose while I joyfully wait for the day when I’ll be able to leap like a lamp in your heavenly pastures. Lord Jesus you are a merciful Sovereign of your people! Amen.

A WORD for Women
A WORD for Women

12. Humility by Christine Wentzel

Dear Author of all that is, was and yet to come, your masterful work of creation is beyond our ability to describe in its wonder and intricacies. Each part is connected to another which you intended to work in complete harmony to your glory. But the world broke apart with that first bite of rebellion. We’ve been grinding against each other with our own inventions trying to capture that original perfection. Forgive us for such arrogance! Remind us that we were made for your delight to work according to your perfect plan. Through Jesus’ example we can serve as God’s dream team here on earth that others may know this work is not an endless grind with no high, eternal purpose. Praise be to your incredible love for those who believe this! Amen.

A WORD for Women

13. Godly Priorities by Diana Kerr



I know that I’m not always the best at staying organized. Honestly, it seems difficult, if not impossible in today’s world. My full, overflowing schedule mirrors my full, overflowing closets and cupboards.


I realize that your love for me does not depend on my degree of organization, but Lord, I know that the state of order of my external world often carries over to the order within me. Father, when my external world is overwhelming, I get distracted and frantic trying to stay on top of things and maintain all my belongings, and my time with you suffers.


Teach me how to put my time and my home in order so I can find more order within my soul. Give me the boldness to create space on my calendar and in my home, so there’s space for me make you a top priority like I claim you are.


Remind me that my treasures are not the activities on my schedule or the belongings that fill my home, but that my treasure is your salvation and the intimacy of my relationship with you.



A WORD for Women

14. Called Workers by Carolyn Webb

Heavenly Father, thank you for providing us with faithful pastors and teachers who work to make disciples of all nations. Give them strength to endure the long hours this work demands. Give them courage to speak your truth in the face of persecution. And give them patience and wisdom to counsel your children with the purity of your law and gospel message. Bring them joy and encouragement through your promises, and guide all members of your church to support Your called workers in whatever way we can. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


15. Reformation by Carolyn Webb

Almighty God, our Fortress in times of trouble, today we celebrate the reformation that brought your church back to the simple truth of your word: we are saved by faith alone, because of your grace alone, learned through scripture alone. Keep your Word alive in us throughout our lives and help maintain the purity of your law and gospel message in a world that focuses on man’s wisdom rather than Your Truth.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

A WORD for Women
A WORD for Women

16. A Thanksgiving Prayer by Christine Wentzel

My Lord God of Heaven & Earth, Jeremiah 32:17

I am thankful for the price You paid for my sins. John 3:16

I am thankful for Your forgiveness and my new birth in the Christ. Acts 2:38

I am thankful You choose to never remember those sins. Psalm 103:12

I am thankful You give me a purpose to live life to its fullest. Jeremiah 20:11

I am thankful You give me the ability to love others as You love me. John 13:34-35

I am thankful for Your promise of a perfect life beyond this broken one. Philippians 3:20-21

Your royal daughter gives all her love, 1 Peter 2:9

(insert your name)

A WORD for Women

17. Evangelism by Carolyn Webb

Heavenly Father, at the birth of your Son you used lowly shepherds to spread the news of his birth. We often feel ill-equipped to share your word. Give confidence to speak with others about the real reason for the joy of the Christmas season. Encourage us with the accounts of the many ordinary people that you used to spread the salvation story.

In Jesus name we pray,


A WORD for Women

18. A Christmas Prayer 2 by Carolyn Webb

Dearest Jesus, Christmas Day will soon be upon us. While many are focused on the joy they will experience from the gifts they are hoping to receive, keep us focused on our true source of joy – the birth of our Savior. If you had not come to fulfill Your Father’s salvation plan, we would still be eternally separated from our Father.  What a joy it is to be part of the heavenly family. Thank you for making that possible, Amen

A WORD for Women

19. An Advent Prayer by Christine Wentzel

Dear Morning Star

   who shines so bright

   over blazing sun or darkest night!

Lead us like the wise of men of old

   away from the world

   and into Your fold.


Keep us in Your tender care

   by opening Your gifts

   and laying them bare.

Not leaving them wrapped

   and hidden away,

   but wearing them thin

   each and every day.


They’ll never give out.

They’ll never run out.

They’ll always serve to light the Way.



A WORD for Women

20. A Christmas Prayer by Carolyn Webb

Jesus, You came into this world to complete Your Father’s salvation plan. Yet many do not accept your birth, death, and resurrection as the one and only way to heaven.  Divisions among religions exist and wars are waged over those differences. As the New Year approaches, help us to keep steadfast to the truths of your saving work on our behalf. Help us to share the good news of the Christmas story so that everyone we know will have the same joy and peace that we have because of our relationship with God. Amen

A WORD for Women

21. Peace by Carolyn Webb

Dear Father in Heaven, the day your Son was born the angels sang “Peace on earth, good will to men”. We live in a world that often does not have peace or good will displayed among men.  The peace Jesus brings is not peace among men, but peace between man and You. Comfort us during the turbulent times we face on earth and help us focus on the true peace that we have through your Son.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen

A WORD for Women

22. The Gift of Life by Karen Maio

Father, whether 9 days old in utero or 90 years old in a nursing home, human life is precious to you because you created and redeemed all people! Please open the eyes of the world to see the sinfulness of abortion and euthanasia. Help them see that taking a human life at any age is morally wrong and spiritually shortens that person's time of grace, the time that individual may need to come to faith and be saved. Forgive those of us who have had an abortion or helped another end her life, and grant us peace in your unfailing love and mercy.  Help us to see the value of life not as culturally seen—looking, feeling and doing good, but as seen by You—a redeemed child of God, created in your image! Protect the lives of the vulnerable for Jesus' sake. Amen.

A WORD for Women

23. Christian Living by Tracy Hankwitz

Almighty, Holy God, You have blessed me with another new day. As the sun rises, so your glory rises and shines on me. Everywhere there is evidence of how you have filled the earth with your glory. Forgive me when I look only with blinders, seeing only the here and now, the gray and the mundane - for failing to recognize your glory.


I know that one day you will return. “Your glory will be revealed and all people will see it together.” (Isaiah 40:5) Until then, Lord, open my eyes to look and see how your glory radiates into every moment of my life as rays of grace. Help me be a reflection of that glorious light, that all I do may glorify you. Use me as you will today, shape me, mold me to be a vessel running over with your grace into the lives of those around me. On those days filled with struggles, renew my strength to answer Isaiah's call to “Arise and shine, for your light has come, for your glory rises on me.” Thanks be to Jesus for the glory of heaven that is waiting for me. “To you be glory forever and ever.” (2 Tim 4:18) Amen.

A WORD for Women

24. A Transfiguration Prayer by Carolyn Webb

Dearest Jesus, when you came to earth, you took on the form of an ordinary man. Many still see you as just a really good man, a fine example to follow. The evening of your transfiguration you showed your divine nature to a select few. How magnificent that sight must have been! Let us never forget that you are more than just an example for us to follow. Keep us focused on the day when you will return again and everyone will see that you are true God. Amen

A WORD for Women

25. Faith by Christine Wentzel

Dear Heavenly Father, I confess it is way too easy for me to display the traits of the one who hates You. By the impatience I show at a long checkout line to the bitter words I speak in haste to loved ones, I too often look like someone tied down to this dying world not someone who is right this minute a daughter of the King of Kings. I ask Your Holy Spirit to breathe fresh air on the embers of my faith, to fan it to a blazing fire so I may step out with empathy for the harried and sweet words of patience to my loved ones. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

A WORD for Women
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